Über Floorball

Floorball gilt als die schnellste Teamsportart der Welt. Geboren in den USA und weiterentwickelt in Schweden, wächst diese junge spezielle Hockey-Variante extrem schnell - auch in Deutschland und ganz besonders in Berlin und Brandenburg.

Rockets in English

With the club foundation of 22.09.2019, the Berlin Rockets e.V. seems a very young club. Yet it has the longest floorball history of the Berlin clubs. The club has its roots in Tempelhof and in this neighborhood still its hub. However, with a team in the 1st Floorball Bundesliga Men, the Rockets represent Berlin floorball like no other club. Since 1996 the floorball players of the Rockets have been responsible for the development of floorball in Berlin with a growing number of teams and their continuous work with young talents. The new start as Berlin Rockets only heralded the next chapter of this Berlin success story.

The Rockets, as the club is also called, are a club for the whole family: whether the children or the parents play floorball, whether young talents are specifically promoted or floorball is to be played at the highest level, there is a suitable offer for everyone. And even without playing yourself, you can accompany the numerous teams on the floorball weekends as a fan.

If you are interested in joining our club, even for a short time like exchange, you are very welcome! Write to us at info@berlinrockets.de and we will help you finding the right team.